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Alprostadil cream contains the vasodilator alprostadil. Sometimes the synonym “vasodilator” is also used for the vasodilating substance. Instead of vasodilatation, one also speaks of vadodilatation of the vessels. In addition, the drug also has a strong blood circulation-promoting effect.


Alprostadil is used in the form of infusions or as a cream.

The infusion is used to treat severe arterial disease. The injection causes the affected area to be better supplied with blood and supplied with blood again within a very short time.

The infusion is also used in newborns with a serious heart defect to prevent the ductus arteriosus from closing up.

The second therapeutic area of ​​the application is for sexual dysfunction. In the case of sexual dysfunction, the active ingredient is administered externally as a cream or gel. Alprostadil is also used to see if there is sexual dysfunction and if an erection can be achieved with chemical stimuli.

In addition to therapy with a cream, injections can also be administered for severe sexual dysfunction. In addition, the agent can also be inserted directly into the inside of the penis using a urethral rod.


Alprastodil is the chemical variant of the natural tissue hormone prostaglandin E1 (PGE1). The body’s own messenger substances are called prostaglandins. These messenger substances perform different tasks in the body.

The role of prostagladin E1 is to widen the blood vessels by binding to receptors. In addition to widening the blood vessels, PGE1 also has the effect of inhibiting blood clotting, which further improves blood flow. Due to the improvement in blood flow caused, even the smallest arteries are better dilated and supplied with blood.

In the area of sexual dysfunction, the blood vessels in the limb expand and the muscles in the erectile tissue relax. The combined effect allows blood to flow more easily into the erectile tissue. This strengthens the erection.

This effect allows alprostadil to also work in men whose erectile dysfunction is due to nerve damage.

How to take

For all areas of application except for sexual dysfunction, the allocation is made directly by the treating doctor in the hospital.

In the case of sexual dysfunction, which is treated with alprostadil cream, the application is the easiest.

The cream or gel is applied to the tip and shaft of the penis, causing an erection.

However, the most common application method is by injection. Injections are available under the names Viridal, Caverject, and Vitaros.

The user receives a solution that has to be mixed and injected at home. The injection must be made directly into the erectile tissue of the member. This most widespread method is also known as “cavernous body auto-injection therapy.”

As an alternative, urethral sticks are also sold, which have to be inserted into the urethra with the help of an applicator where they then dissolve and develop their effect.

Taking Alprostadi correctly is not easy, but can be learned under medical supervision. Get medical help. A reputable doctor will first examine you, practice the therapy method with you, and dose the active ingredient before issuing a prescription.

As part of these exercises, fears and uncertainties should be discussed openly.

Even if the risk of injury is comparatively low, alprostadil should never be injected under the influence of alcohol or drugs. People with motor impairments should also consult a competent second person for the application.

According to clinical studies, injections or urethral rods help between 62 percent and 93 percent of male subjects achieve an erection. In particular, men with damaged nerves in the pelvic area benefit from these drugs, since ordinary PDE-5 inhibitors such as Viagra have no effect on this group.

First, however, an attempt should be made to produce an erection with the alprostadil cream, as this has the fewest side effects. Applying the cream is easy and there is no risk of injury, even for people with motor disabilities.

Because, unlike injections, the alprostadil cream only has to be massaged into the tip of the penis and the shaft.

Side Effects

Measured against other therapeutic measures for sexual dysfunction, alprostadil is largely free of side effects.

But even if alprostadil is beneficial to the body, the substance is not free of side effects.

The most common side effects reported by subjects were burning and pain in the penis. In addition, too high a dosage can lead to circulatory symptoms such as dizziness. It can also lead to a drop in blood pressure.

Injections can cause pain and burning at the injection site, bleeding, infection, and bruising.

In the case of injections in particular, absolute hygiene must be ensured, as otherwise pathogens can spread quickly via the injection site, which promotes infections of all kinds.

Absolute hygiene is also necessary when using the urethral rods in order to avoid urinary tract infections.

The use of creams or gels, on the other hand, can largely be described as having few side effects if the dosage is appropriate.

Buy Alprostadil cream online without a prescription

In the European Union, it is possible to buy alprostadil cream online without a prescription from your doctor.

Ordering alprostadil cream without a prescription from an online pharmacy is legally possible by issuing an online prescription through remote diagnosis by an online doctor. The legal basis for this is the EU regulation on patient mobility.

A short online questionnaire must be filled out to place an order with a remote doctor. The alprostadil cream is then sent directly and discreetly to the patient.