Erectile Dysfunction Common Information – Ways of Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction (ED, or impotence) is a kind of sexual dysfunction that is characterized by the inability of men to reach or develop an erected penis during sexual interaction.

What is erection?

An erection in the penis is the hydraulic effect achieved when blood enters and is retained in sponge-like tissues within the penis. The process of erection is initiated as a result of sexual arousal.

The most important causes of erectile dysfunction of organic nature are diabetes, cardiovascular disease, problems of neurological nature (prostatectomy surgery trauma), side effects from drugs, and hypogonadism.

Psychological impotence

There is also psychological impotence—when erection or even penetration fails due to psychological reasons (different feelings or thoughts). It is less frequent than physical impotence, and in most cases, it can be helped. Psychological impotence is often treated with a placebo effect.

ED can easily lead to severe psychological consequences and can be tied to difficulties in relationships and also to masculine self-image.

First line treatment of ED

The first line of treatment for ED consists of taking PDE5 inhibitor drugs (you can buy sildenafil-containing medications like Viagra, Silagra, etc.). Erectile dysfunction treatment can also involve inserting Prostaglandin polls in the urethra, injections into the penis, a penis pump, a penile prosthesis, and vascular reconstructive surgery.

We want to give you several pieces of advice on how to improve your male sexual performance in bed. As you know, there are many pills on the market helping with male enchantment, but there are also simpler ways to last longer and stay firmer without visiting a drug store.

Cardiovascular exercises

The work of your penis depends on blood pressure. So, what is good for your heart health will also be good for your sexual health. Regular cardiovascular exercise can improve your sexual performance much better. Thirty minutes of intensive exercises such as swimming, exercises, etc. can do wonders for your sexual life and boost your libido. And it won’t go unnoticed when you shed several extra pounds.

Food to increase blood flow

There are also some foods that show an increasing ability to increase blood flow to the penis. So pay special attention to onions and garlic, bananas, and such all-natural spicy foods as chilies and peppers. Foods rich in omega-3 acids (salmon, tuna, olive oil, avocados), rich in vitamin B (kidney beans, peanuts, pork), and eggs help you achieve stronger erections.


Reduce stress, kick all your bad habits, get outside more often and let the sun influence your skin, waking up your sex drive. Practicing long-lasting masturbation helps you achieve longer time with your partner.